HILDA Survey Research Conference 2011 - Papers


Thursday 14 and Friday 15 July 2011

ISSN 2202-9923 (Online)

Published July 2011

Academic Committee:

Refereed Papers (selected after refereeing of full papers):

  • Di Lixin Cai
    The Role of Unobserved Heterogeneity and On-the-Job Training in the Employer Size-Wage Effect in Australia
  • Dr Ann Evans
    Relationship Reports: The Effect of Presence of Others During the Interview
  • Dr Elliott Fan
    Women Rule: Preferences and Fertility in Australian Households
  • Dr Xiaodong Gong
    Estimating Net Child Care Price Elasticity of Partnered Women with Preschool Children Using Discrete Structural Labour Supply-Child Care Model
  • Dr Edith Gray
    Using a Life Course Approach to Understand Involvement in Volunteering in Australia
  • Dr Timothy Higgins
    Modelling Wage Dynamics Among Australian Workers
  • Ms Cindy Mervin
    The Effect of Own Life Events on Own Mental Health
  • Ms Zhou Peng
    Retirement Decisions
  • Dr Tarja Viitanen
    Parental Divorce and Trust
  • Dr Zhang Wei
    Job Mismatches and Labour Market Outcomes: Panel Evidence on University Graduates

    Non-refereed Papers (selected on basis of abstract):

  • Professor Janeen Baxter
    Relationship Transitions and Subjective Wellbeing: A Longitudinal Analysis
  • Professor Garry Barrett
    Subjective Wellbeing in Retirement: Evidence from HILDA
  • Dr Bruce Bradbury
    Asking for help from welfare organisations: the evidence from HILDA, 2001 to 2009
  • Dr Robert Breunig
    The dynamics of satisfaction with working hours
  • Professor William A.V. Clark
    Mobility and Mobility Contexts: Modeling and Interpreting Residential Change in Australia
  • Ms Alice Falkiner
    Who Provides Care? An Event History Analysis of the Effect of Sex and Relationship Status on the Provision of Informal Care in Australia
  • Dr Cathy Gong
    Understanding Life Satisfaction and Education Puzzle in Australia: A profile from HILDA Wave 9
  • Dr Barbara Hanel
    Non-monetary Determinants of Nurses Labour Supply
  • Associate Professor Michele Haynes
    Relationship Transitions and Womens Time on Domestic Labour in Australia: A Multiprocess, Multilevel Approach
  • Mr Lachlan Heybroek
    Life Satisfaction and Retirement: A Latent Growth Mixture Modelling Approach
  • Ms Angela Higginson
    Interrelationships and Social Determinants of Residential Location Moves and Unemployment Duration in Australia
  • Dr Arthur Hsueh
    Has Retirement Made Australians Healthier and Happier?
  • Dr Fiona Imlach Gunasekara
    Differences in Health and Health Inequalities between Australia and New Zealand
  • Dr Temesgen Kifle
    Are Women Really That Happy at Work? Australian Evidence on the `Contented Female
  • Ms Lauren Krnjacki
    Time Trends in Psychosocial Working Conditions in a Representative Sample of Working Australians 2000-2008: Evidence of Narrowing Disparities?
  • Ms Kate Mason
    Understanding Housing Affordability as a Determinant of Health: Isolating a Mental Health Effect of a Change in Housing Affordability
  • Dr Riyana Miranti
    Persistence of Social Exclusion among Older People in Australia: What are the protecting factors?
  • Ms Jennifer Poehl
    Labour Market Engagement of Mature-age Workers
  • Dr Susmita Roy
    Fluctuations in the Unemployment Rate and Intra-household Allocation of Time
  • Dr Anastasia Sartbayeva
    Family Migration and Labour Market Outcomes of Partnered Women
  • Professor Steven Stillman
    Does Homeownership Improve Personal Wellbeing?
  • Mr Wotjek Tomaszewski
    The Quality of the Place of Living, Social Participation and Well-being in Older Age: Evidence from HILDA
  • Ms Sharon Wheller
    Socio-spatial Impacts on Labour Market Transitional Outcomes
  • Associate Professor Roger Wilkins
    Gender Differences in Rates of Job Dismissal: Why are Men More Likely to Lose Their Jobs?
  • Dr Peng Yu
    Importance of Income, Participation and Social Support for the Wellbeing of People with Disability