HILDA Survey Research Conference 2013 - Papers


Thursday 3 and Friday 4 October 2013

ISSN 2202-9923 (Online)

Published October 2013

Academic Committee:

Best Paper Prize was awarded to:

Dr Xiadong Gong for his paper 'Channels of Labour Supply Responses of Lone Parents to Changed Work Incentives', authored by Xiadong Gong and Robert Breunig.

Selection Committee:

Best Poster Prize was awarded to:

Dr Nicole Au for her poster 'Self-Assessed General Health: What Does it Mean and What is it Hiding?', authored by Nicole Au and David Johnston.

Selection Committee:

Refereed Papers (selected after refereeing of full papers):

Non-Refereed Papers (selected on basis of abstract):

Posters Presented on Thursday 3 October 2013l

Presenter: Associate Professor Elisa Birch, University of Western Australia
The Determinants of Obesity in Australia

Author/s: Andrew Lau, Elisa Rose Birch and Anu Rammohan (University of Western Australia)


Presenter: Mr Evarn Ooi, University of Sydney
Wage Discrimination in the Australian Labour Market: Evidence from the HILDA Panel Survey

Author/s: Evarn Ooi ( University of Sydney)


Presenter: Ms Tania Sperti, Roy Morgan Research
Interviewer and Respondent Effects in Longitudinal Survey Response: The Experience of the HILDA Survey

Author/s: Taylan Akay and Tania Sperti (Roy Morgan Research)


Presenter: Dr Jinjing Li, University of Canberra
The Impact of Gender Representations in Media on Female Employment: Evidence from HILDA and ABC News

Author/s: Jinjing Li ( University of Canberra)


Presenter: Ms Inga Kristoffersen, University of Western Australia
The Education-Happiness Puzzle

Author/s: Inga Kristoffersen (University of Western Australia)


Presenter: Mr Suresh Joshi, Deakin University
Immigrants and Smoking Behaviour: Does the Duration of Stay in Australia Matter?

Author/s: Suresh Joshi, Santosh Jatrana and Samba Siva Rao Pasupuleti (Deakin University)


Presenter: Ms Tanja Kutscher, Freie Universität Berlin
Appropriateness of the Eleven-Point Likert Scale for Assessing Job Satisfaction

Author/s: Tanja Kutscher, Claudia Crayen and Michael Eid (Freie Universität Berlin)


Presenter: Dr Samba Pasupuleti, Deakin University
Disability Among Immigrants to Australia

Author/s: Samba Siva Rao Pasupuleti and Santosh Jatrana (Deakin University)


Presenter: Dr Belinda Hewitt, University of Queensland
Relationship Dissolution and Self-Rated Health: a Longitudinal Analysis of Transitions from Cohabitation and Marriage in Australia and Switzerland

Author/s: Belinda Hewitt (University of Queensland) Marieke Voorpostel (FORS, Switzerland) and Gavin Turrell (Queensland University of Technology)


Presenter: Mr Brendan Churchill, University of Tasmania
Gender Roles over the Life Course using the Household, Income and Labour Dynamics of Australia Survey

Author/s: Brendan Churchill (University of Tasmania)


Presenter: Dr Nicole Au, Monash University

Self-Assessed General Health: What Does it Mean and What is it Hiding?

Author/s: Nicole Au and David Johnston (Monash University)


Presenter: Dr Sonja Kassenboehmer, University of Melbourne

The Link between Locus of Control, Wealth Accumulation, and Asset Portfolios

Author/s: Deborah Cobb-Clark, Sonja Kassenboehmer (University of Melbourne) and Mathias Sinning (Australian National University)


Presenter: Ms Andrea La Nauze, University of Melbourne

Refuting Gay Stereotypes: Personality Traits Cannot Explain Sexuality Based Wage Gaps in Australia

Author/s: Andrea La Nauze (University of Melbourne)