Ordering the Data - Release 15

Organisational Licences

The datasets for Release 15 (Waves 1-15) are available from Monday 5 December 2016.

Under Organisational Licensing arrangements, organisations sign an Organisational Deed of Licence for access to the HILDA datasets. Individuals within the organisation who require access to the data will sign a shorter Deed of Confidentiality.

If your organisation is interested in signing an Organisational Licence, please contact DSS, providing contact details for the Organisational Delegate.

The Organisational Delegate will then be emailed the Organisational Deed of Licence for completion and return to DSS for approval.

The Organisational Delegate, the officer responsible for the Deed, nominates a central contact person (a Data Manager) who is responsible for managing the security of the data and regulating access to the data within the organisation. The Data Manager is required to liaise with DSS on data access issues and provide information to DSS about the use of the datasets within the organisation.

A major advantage of the Organisational Licensing arrangements is a better assignment of the rights and responsibilities between the organisation and individual users. It also streamlines access to the data as the datasets are held by the Data Manager.
Once your application has been approved, you will be sent an approval notification email from DSS.

    Note: Subsequent to this approval notification, an email link for payment will be sent to you by the HILDA Administrative Assistant.

    Upon payment through the secure payment system, your dataset will be posted via Express Post (or Express Courier International for overseas users).

    Passwords and relevant information for accessing the DVD will be emailed to you.

For any questions relating to Individual and/or Organisational Licences, please refer to the Fact Sheets

Cost per Release

Organisational Licence $330 if in Australia (includes GST)
$330 if overseas (GST exempt)