Organisations with Organisational Deed of Licence

If you are a new Data Manager and have not yet received the Release 14 Organisational Licence order forms, please contact Department of Social Services (DSS).

If you are a user at an organisation with an Organisational Licence, please contact your Data Manager (listed below) for the latest Deed of Confidentiality.

If your organisation is not listed but you believe they may be interested in signing an
Organisational Deed of Licence, please contact DSS.

If your Organisational Delegate or Data Manager information below is incorrect,
please contact HILDA Enquiries.

The following organisations have signed up to the Organisational Deed of Licence:

ANZ Banking Group Limited Mr Warren Hogan Mr David Cannington
ARTD Consultants Ms Janet Kidson Ms Fiona Christian
Australian Bureau of Agricultural & Resource Economics & Sciences Mr Peter Gooday Mr Robert Kancans
Australian Bureau of Statistics Mr David Zago Mr Philip Elliott
Australian Catholic University; Institute for Positive Psychology and Education Prof Rhonda Craven Dr Thierno Diallo
Australian Centre for Financial Studies (ACFS) Mr Richard Dillon Ms Eliana Maddock
Australian Council for Educational Research (ACER) Prof Geoffrey Masters Ms Catherine Underwood
Australian Council of Trade Unions (ACTU) Ms Margaret McKenzie Ms Margaret McKenzie
Australian Government Department of Education and Training Mr Robert Griew Ms Thea Moyes
Australian Government Department of Employment Ms Jo Wood Ms Thea Moyes
Australian Government Department of Human Services Mr Mark Morrison Dr Judith Planitz
Australian Institute of Family Studies Prof Alan Hayes Dr Michael Alexander
Australian Institute of Health & Welfare Dr Fadwa Al-Yaman Mr Conan Liu
Australian Securities and Investments Commission Mr Alex Erskine Mr Paulo Pinto
Australian Taxation Office Mr Paul Brodie Mr Paul Brodie
Australian Treasury Mr Roger Brake Mr Robert Ewing
Bankwest Curtin Economics Centre (Curtin University) Ms Gail Epiro Dr Ha Nguyen
Benevolent Society Ms Annette Chennell Ms Cherie Nay
Bringham Young University - Sociology Department Ms Mikaela Dufur Ms Mikaela Dufur
Cape York Institute for Policy & Leadership TBA Dr Zoe Staines
Catholic Archdiocese of Sydney Mr Daniel Casey Mr Michael Moore
CBUS Mr Seán Leonard Ms Michelle Sia
Commonwealth Grants Commission Ms Catherine Hull Mr Andrew Cameron
CQ University, Institute for Health & Social Science Research Prof Brenda Happell Ms Yvonne Holbeck
Curtin University of Technology, Centre for Research in Applied Economics Prof Grant O’Neill Mr Muammer Wali
Data Analysis Australia Pty Ltd Dr John Henstridge Ms Donna Hill
Deakin University Ms Lynne Millar Mr Brynle Owen
Deloitte Access Economics Pty Ltd Merril Skyring Ms Kay Harris
Department of Family and Community Services (NSW) Ms Jennifer Mason Mr Alex Brown
Department of Education (NSW) Dr Jenny Donovan Mr Ian McCarthy
Department of Education and Training - Victoria Ms Colleen Howell Ms Colleen Howell
Department of Finance and Deregulation Lisa Foreman Chrysanthe Psychogios
Department of Health and Human Services - Victoria Kane Sharma Sue Martin
Department of Immigration and Border Protection Martin Bowles PSM Mr David Smith
Department of Industry Ms Glenys Beauchamp Mr Anthony Harrison
Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development Mr Gary Dolman Dr Karen Malam
Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet Mr Matthew James Mr Timothy Saunders
Department of Treasury and Finance (Victoria) Mr David Hedley Mr Rashad Hasanov
Ernst & Young Jyothi Gali Jyothi Gali
Fair Work Commission Ms Samantha Farmakis-Gamboni Mr David Rozenbes
Fair Work Ombudsman Mr Michael Duke Mr Michael Duke
Federation of Ethnic Communities' Councils of Australia (FECCA) Ms Gulnara Abbasova Ms Beverley Roberts
Flinders University Prof Robert Saint Mr Pawel Skuza
Gender and Work Database Prof Leah Vosko Ms Nadia Guiliano
Grattan Institute Ms Ana Passaportis Ms Ittima Cherastidtham
Griffith University Prof Michael Powell Mr Chris Fleming
Ingham Institute for Applied Medical Research Assoc Prof Greg Kaplan Wei Xuan
Institute for Governance and Policy Analysis IGPA Ms Lorna Evans Dr Riyana Miranti
Institute for Health Policy, Sri Lanka Dr Ravi Rannan-Eliya Puwanesh S Saminathan
Institute for Labour Law and Industrial Relations in the European Union
Prof Dr Laszlo Goerke Dr Adrian Chadi
IPE Institute for Policy Evaluation Prof Dr Ashok Kaul Dr Manuel Schieler
IZA Institute for the Study of Labour Mr Marin Clemens Mr George Tassoukis
James Cook University Prof Gianna Moscardo Dr Riccardo Welters
KPMG Stas Lambant Stas Lambant
La Trobe University, Judith Lumley Centre Prof Angela Taft Dr Amanda Cooklin
Learning Sciences Institute Australia Ms Claire Wyatt-Smith Ms Peta Colbert
London School of Economics, Research Laboratory Mr David Coombe Mr Laurence Horton
Lund University Prof Ulf G Gerdtham Prof Ulf G Gerdtham
Macquarie Securities Limited Mr James McIntyre Mr James McIntyre
Macquarie University Prof Sakkie Pretorius

Mr Phanh Oudomlith
Masaryk University - Faculty of Economics & Administration Prof Antonín Slaný

Mr Jaroslav Nekuda
Master Builders Association Mr Wilhelm Harnisch Dr Brent Davis
Monash University Prof Edwina Cornish Dr Simon Barrett or Ms Eleni Filippidis

Morningstar Australasia Mr Grant Kennaway Ms Fiona White
Motu Economic and Public Policy Research Prof Adam Jaffe Mr Grant Coppersmith
Murdoch Children's Research Institute Mr John Dakin Mr Luke Stevens
Murdoch University Jane Crier Jane Crier
National Centre for Vocational Education Research Dr Thomas Karmel Ms Kelly Frazer
National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies (Tokyo) Dr Seishi Shiobara Prof Masako Kurosawa
Newcastle University, Institute of Health & Society / Business School Prof John Wildman Ms Heather Brown
New South Wales Treasury Mr Michael Gadiel Mr Julian Carter
New Zealand Social Statistics Network Mr Gerard Cotterell Mr Martin von Randow
Nous Group Pty Ltd Ms Alison Hawkins Ms Shafeen Mutaq
Open University Dr Andrew Trigg Dr Cristina Santos
Organisation for Economic Co-Operation and Development Mr Jean-Philippe Couronneau Mr Pascal Marianna
Parenting Research Centre Prof Jan Nicholson

Dr Catherine Wade
Paris School of Economics Mrs Marie Philipon

Mr Facundo Alvaredo
Parliamentary Budget Office Mr Phil Bowen Mr David Tellis
Parliamentary Library, Department of Parliamentary Services Mr Jonathan Curtis Ms Sue Johnson
Per Capita Australia Limited Mr David Hetherington Ms Allison Orr
PricewaterhouseCoopers Ms Christa Marjoribanks Mr Leo Choudhary
Productivity Commission Ms Nina Davidson Mr Kerry O'Brien
Queensland Council of Social Services Ms Julie Couper Ms Julie Couper (Acting)
Queensland University of Technology Ms Judy Stokker Ms Tricia Kelly
Research Centre for Education and the Labour Market (ROA) Prof Dr Rolf van der Velden Mr Sander Dijksman
Reserve Bank of Australia Mr Phillip Lowe Dr Giancarlo La Cava
Rice Warner Actuaries Pty. Ltd. Ms Melissa Fuller Mr Nathan Bonarius
RMIT University, Centre for Urban Research Prof Jago Dodson Ms Serena Lim
RMIT University, School of Economics, Finance and Marketing Dr Angela Dobele Dr Angela Dobele
Roy Morgan Research Ms Tania Sperti Ms Tania Sperti
South Australian Health and Medical Research Institute Ms Maria Makrides Mr John Gray
Swinburne University of Technology Prof George Collins Mr Ning Shen
Tasmanian Council of Social Service, Inc (TasCOSS) Ms Kym Goodes Ms Wynne Russell
Telethon Institute for Child Health Research Prof Stephen Zubrick Prof Stephen Zubrick
The Smith Family Dr Lisa O'Brien Ms Anne Hampshire
The Treasury, New Zealand TBA Mr David Law
The World Bank Group Truman Packard Claudio E. Montenegro
Towers Watson Australia Pty Ltd Mr John Burnett Mr Nicholas Wilkinson
Tung Wah College Mr Kevin Cheng Mr Kevin Cheng
UltraFeedback Pty Ltd Mr Tom Holman Mr Paul Flood
UNICEF, Office of Research Mr Gordon Alexander Mr Goran Holmqvist
University College Dublin Dr Eilis Hennessy Dr Ela Polek
University of Adelaide Prof John Williams Ms Dominique Vella
University of Bielefeld, Faculty of Sociology (and BGHS) Prof Martin Diewald Ms Inga Lass
University of Bamberg (Germany), Professorship for Demography) Prof Dr Henriette Engelhardt-Wölfler Prof Dr Henriette Engelhardt-Wölfler
University of Canberra, CeRAPH Prof Rachel Davey Dr Yohannes Kinfu
University of Essex, Institute for Social and Economic Research Dr Maria Iacovou Dr Jakob Petersen
University of Georgia, Department of Sociology Dr William Finlay Dr Jody Clay-Warner
University of Melbourne, Department of Economics Ms Suzie Collins Ms Suzie Collins
University of Melbourne, Department of Finance Dr John Handley Dr Carsten Murawski
University of Melbourne, School of Languages and Linguistics Prof Gillian Wigglesworth Ms Jill Vaughan
University of Melbourne, School of Population Health Assoc Prof Shyamali Dharmage Mr John Daves
University of New South Wales Prof Merlin Crossley Ms Alison Makins
University of Otago, Division of Commerce Prof George Benwell Mr Brendon Sly
University of Pittsburgh, Department of Economics Assoc Prof Marla Ripoll Assoc Prof  Arie Beresteanu
University of Queensland Prof Max Lu Mr Robert Gerrity
University of Sheffield Ms Cheryl Palmer Prof Karl Taylor
University of South Australia Prof Caroline McMillen Ms Kylie Aston
University of St Gallen Prof Thierry Volery Prof Thierry Volery
University of Sydney, Central Clinical School Prof Nicholas Glozier Prof Nicholas Glozier
University of Sydney, Faculty of Health Sciences Mr Scott Avery Ms Julie Cameron
University of Sydney, Menzies Centre for Health Policy Prof Andrew Wilson Ms Emma Dupal
University of Sydney, School of Economics Prof Colm Harmon Dr Kadir Atalay
University of Technology, Sydney Mr Jeffrey Francis Mr Duncan Ford
University of Washington, Foster School of Business Assoc Dean Thomas W Lee Mr Lew Thorson
University of Western Australia, Economics Discpline Prof Peter Robinson Ms Maryann Evetts
University of Western Australia, Health Promotion Evaluation Unit Assoc Prof Leanne Lester Assoc Prof Leanne Lester
University of Western Sydney Mr Michael Gonzales Ms Lucy Walton
University of Wollongong Prof Judy Raper Mr Noel Broadhead
University of York Prof Karen Mumford Mr Mark Wilson
University of Zurich, Institute of Political Science Prof Hanspeter Kriesi Prof Dr Silja Häusermann
Victorian Institute of Strategic Economic Studies Mr Peter Sheehan Ms Margarita Kumnick
Victoria University of Wellington, School of Economics & Finance Ms Amanda Bristol Ms Ivy Liu
Young Street Initative Pty Ltd Mr Nick Moll Mr Nick Moll