Dr Alfons Palangkaraya

Senior Research Fellow

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
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Contact details:

Phone: +61 3 8344 2119
Fax: +61 3 8344 2111
Email: alfonsp@unimelb.edu.au

Curriculum Vitae (pdf)


Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
Level 5, Faculty of Business and Economics Building, 111 Barry Street, The University of Melbourne


Alfons joined the institute in November 2003 as a Research Fellow for the Applied Microeconomics Research Programs. He graduated from the University of Missouri and obtained his doctoral degree in economics from Oregon State University. In his doctoral dissertation, he studied the theoretical effects of firm competition in advertising on prices under a vertical product differentiation setting, the empirical effects of firm location on knowledge spillovers, and the empirical relationship between comparative advantage and the inflows of foreign direct investment. Currently, his research focuses on micro-econometric studies of productivity and knowledge spillovers using establishment-level Australian manufacturing data. He is also a research associate for the Intellectual Property Research Institute of Australia (IPRIA) for which he was the editor and co-editor of two past IPRIA publications: R&D and Intellectual Property Scoreboard 2004 and Australian Patent Applications Scoreboard 2004.

Research Interests / Current Projects

Industrial organisation (innovation & market for technology, firm performance, inventor mobility and knowledge spillovers), health economics (hospital efficiency and impacts of private health insurance)

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Selected Publications / Papers

Palangkaraya A and Yong J. 2013. Effects of competition on hospital quality: an examination using hospital administrative data. European Journal of Health Economics. 14 (3) : 415-429.

Palangkaraya A, Webster E & Jensen P. 2011. Misclassification between patent offices: Evidence from a matched sample of patent applications. The Review of Economics and Statistics. 93 (3): 1063-1075.

Palangkaraya A & Yong J. 2011. Trade Liberalisation, Exit, and Output and Employment Adjustments of Australian Manufacturing Establishments. The World Economy. 34 (1): 1-22.

Chua CL, Palangkaraya A & Yong J. 2011. Hospital Competition, Technical Efficiency and Quality. Economic Record. 87 (277): 252-268.

Chua CL, Palangkaraya A & Yong J. 2010. ‘A Two-Stage Estimation of Hospital Quality Using Mortality Outcome Measures: An application Using Hospital Administrative Data’. Health Economics. 19 (12): 1404-24.

Leahy A, Palangkaraya A & Yong J. 2010. ‘Geographical Agglomeration in Australian Manufacturing’. Regional Studies. 44 (3): 299-314.

Palangkaraya A & Yong J. 2009. Population Ageing and its Implications on Aggregate Health Care Demand: Empirical Evidence from 22 OECD Countries. International Journal of Health Care Finance and Economics. 9 (4): 391-402.