Professor Paul H. Jensen

Professorial Research Fellow

Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
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Contact details

Phone: +61 3 8344 2117
Fax: +61 3 8344 2111

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Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research
Level 5, Faculty of Business and Economics Building, 111 Barry Street, The University of Melbourne


Paul's current research interests are innovation, science policy, and technology markets. Much of his research has a strong public policy focus, and has been published in leading international journals such as RAND Journal of Economics, Review of Economics and Statistics, National Tax Journal, Oxford Economic Papers, Journal of Law & Economics, Strategic Management Journal, Cambridge Journal of Economics, Economics Letters, Health Economics, and Industrial and Corporate Change. In addition, he has undertaken commissioned research for IBM, the OECD, the European Commission, Asialink and the Victorian Department of Premier and Cabinet.

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Research Interests

Economics of innovation; Contracts and incentives; Health economics; Privatisation and contracting out; Firm survival; Economics of climate change; Science of science policy

Current Projects

Institutions, Incentives and Biomedical Research Outcomes

Trust, Incomplete Contracts and the Market for Technology

Patent Examinations and International Trade Flows

‘Imprinting’ and Entrepreneurial Venture Growth


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Selected Publications / Papers

Webster, E., Palangkaraya, A. and Jensen, P.H. (2013). “Patent examination outcomes and the national treatment principle”, RAND Journal of Economics (forthcoming).

Thomson, R. and Jensen, P.H. (2013). “The effects of government subsidies on business R&D employment: Evidence from OECD countries”, National Tax Journal 66(2), 281–310.

Jensen, P.H. (2012). “Innovative China: Trends, challenges and opportunities”, Australian Economic Review 45(4), 455-56.

Webster, E. and Jensen, P.H. (2011). “Do patents matter for commercialization?”, Journal of Law and Economics 54(2), 431-53.

Jensen, P.H., Thomson, R.K. and Yong, J.S. (2011). “Estimating the patent premium: Evidence from the Australian Inventor Survey”, Strategic Management Journal 32, 1128–38.

Leahy, A. and Jensen, P.H. (2011). “Australia’s engagement with Asia, 1990-2010”, Australian Economic Review 44(4), 418-26.

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